Free Play – TERA’s combat action game

TERA’s action combat system makes battles come alive. Thousands of quests lead TERA players on an epic adventure that spans four continents and more than 80 massive zones, pitting players against hundreds of different creatures, brutes, monsters, BAMs (big-ass monsters), nightmarish races bent on total destruction, and even an […]

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DIY Fidget Spinner Toys

How to Make a Fidget Spinner The Make: ‘zine published a roundup of videos demonstrating how to make various fidget spinner models from scratch, including some made with wood and aluminum. They typically feature a skateboard bearing at the center.

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Learn Chess Strategies to win…

Learn chess strategies, chess openings and chess tactics on this site to be able to make strong chess moves. Chess is a great and fascinating game, an absorbing mental adventure. Beginners can ask chess questions on my site, learn chess and play chess online on various chess applets. Learn […]

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