$1000 Awarded Every FRIDAY with TGIF SWEEPSTAKES


As part of our worldwide publicity campaign, we’re giving away $1,000 every Friday!

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FreeLotto.com is a fun, easy to play sweepstakes site. Since 1999, we have awarded $104,031,050.00 in money and prizes. You no longer need to search the web to buy lotto tickets online. Unlike an online lotto, we don’t require our users to pay to play their numbers. FreeLotto.com offers players the chance to win money every day with the following games: $1 Million Classic FreeLotto┬«, $50k Win A Car, $100k Pay Off Your Mortgage, $10k FastCash, $100k Giveaway, and $10 Million SuperBucks. Best of all, it’s ABSOLUTELY FREE!

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  1. Jannett Mckay says:

    love this web page

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