99designs – Let Talented Designers Compete for Designing Your Logo – EXPIRED

Need to have a website, logo or merchandise created for you or your business?

Consider using 99designs, whereby many talented designers compete to deliver the best possible design! Options include logos, websites, apps, social media pages, business cards/stationary, t-shirts and hats, and much more!

Simply pick what you want to have made, outline what you would like to see, and launch a contest for designers to compete to have the winning design! In this contest, you are the ultimate winner. Click on the button below for more information.

Click Here

There is a lot of reviews on 99designs available in Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Their concept of design contest for the designers is essentially crowdsourcing your design. If you have an artist already and are happy with them, then great. If you do not have an artist or want to see some other designs of your logo, you should consider 99designs.

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