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Shopping for a new computer can be confusing, especially when the technology changes every few months. For this very reason, Apple Computer is one of the premiere computer companies.  Not only is Apple up-to-date with the fastest hardware, but by having complete control over the software and hardware of their desktops and laptops, they are able to provide a simple, seamless computing solution for any budget.

When looking for a deal on an Apple computers, the first step is to sign up for the mailing lists of Apple and other Mac resellers. These lists can sometimes offer great deals that might not be listed on the main website. At the same time, be sure to locate all other online retailers that sell Macs. Most of the time, the price will be the same, but you may find a deal once in a while.

The next step in finding a deal on a Mac is to research what model will best suit your purposes. The Macbook, for example, is the least expensive of all the Apple notebooks and offers midrange capability anywhere from $1,099 to $1,499. The Macbook Air is an ultra light notebook that is one of the thinnest on the market, but carries a significantly higher price. The Macbook Pro is the most powerful of all the Apple notebooks, able to run power-hungry tasks such as Photoshop CS3, but starts at $1,999. Some of the Apple desktops are the Mac Mini, iMac, and Mac Pro. The Mac Mini is the least expensive Mac, starting at $599, while the Mac Pro, able to run two quad-core processors, starts at $2,799.

Once you have chosen which Mac is right for you, check the main Apple website or an official Apple store near you for the price of your chosen configuration. Any peripherals included with the bundle can often be found elsewhere for a discount. Another way to save money is by purchasing through the refurbished section on the official Apple website. Often, you will save at least 15% off, sometimes as high as 30% off the normal price.

Lastly, take into account the cost of the warranty as well. When buying a computer through Apple, their warranty and support service known as AppleCare is offered, but at around $250 for an extra couple years of protection. Depending on your situation and technical expertise, this extra expense may be unnecessary.



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