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  1. Wanda Webb says:

    Love Bojangle’s Biscuits for Breakfast Lunch and Dinner

  2. Wanda Webb says:

    I LOVE Bojangles Filet Biscuit.

  3. Glennis Smith says:

    I live in Virginia and your locations for that state do not include anything near me. Not sure if your coupon will help me or not.

  4. my grandson loves bojangles

  5. I think your offer is not a very equal offer. I think that your coupon giveaway, should be able, to be used, at any Bojangle’s and not just the one that you want us to pick. I live in VA and none of the locations on your favorite’s list, are even remotely local to where I live. Sucks! Just sayin’, ya know???
    Just had to speak my mind. Thank you for your time.

    Suzanne Troutman

  6. Asanga says:

    It will be nice

  7. JEffrey cosma says:

    Helllo I’m interest to know about this? Thank you Jeff

  8. im looking to try new stuff

  9. DAVID ELLIS says:


  10. Danny Reece says:

    Good stuff

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