Reverse Your Dog’s Bad Breath In Less Than 15 Seconds – EXPIRED


Doggie Bad Breath Could Be A Sign Of Gum Disease (Or Far Worse)…
According To The American Animal Health Association…
The #1 Sign Of Dental Disease Is Bad Breath

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How Gum Disease Starts:
Whenever your pup eats, plaque is formed from bits of food and bacteria that collect around the gum line. If this plaque isn’t removed, in just a few days, it will harden into tartar that sticks to your dog’s teeth.
Tartar irritates the gums, resulting in inflammation, also known as “gingivitis”. Many times this will first rear its ugly head as bad breath.

If the tartar isn’t removed it will build up under your dog’s gums. This can cause the gums to pull away from the teeth, creating small open spaces that act as collection points for even more bacteria.

WARNING: If the problem progresses to this point, your dog has developed irreversible periodontal disease. Causing pain, abscess, infection, loose teeth and even bone loss

TruDog Dental Spray is a 100% all natural 4 in 1 dental spray for dogs. It controls tartar, freshens breath, gets gums healthy and boosts immunity.

It’s backed by original Shark Tank star, Kevin Harrington. Couple that with this fact: the Pet Oral Care Market alone is forecast to grow to nearly $1 BILLION by 2020, which outpaces the overall pet market – that’s incredible. This is an offer you can’t afford to miss out on!


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