Vindale Research: Get Paid To Review Products

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If you guys have been looking for a legit paid survey site, Vindale Research is probably one of the only ones around.

In fact, Vindale Research has paid over $1.4 million in earnings to date. If you take a look at the member gallery, they have pictures of people that have received their checks from Vindale.

You can sign up for free. Take a look around the site and read the Frequently Asked Questions to see if this may be something that will be a good fit for you.



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  1. would like to try new items

  2. Iwould love to try new stuff.And or get paid to sample stuff.

  3. Love this site

  4. Would love to try new stuff!!

  5. i would like to try and get paid for it.

  6. Paese can i try new stuff?

  7. I can barely believe some of the stuff that they have on this site!! So awesome!!

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