Boom 3D – Audio Enhancement App for Mac – EXPIRED

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The Best Audio Enhancement App With Incredible 3D Surround Sound That Makes Any Kind Of Headphones Sound Amazing!

Feel the Boomin’ Effect

  • Games – Live every dimension of your games with Boom 3D. The powerful surround sound enhances your gaming experience and lets you feel every move.
  • iTunes – Play your favourite numbers from iTunes with Boom 3D. It enhances the depth and clarity of any audio for sharp and true-to-life sound.
  • Video – Boom 3D adds power and intensity to your videos for sharp, realistic and superior surround sound experience.
  • Spotify – The unbeatable 3D surround sound of Boom 3D presents dramatic and dynamic sound that provides you deeply immersive experience.
  • Skype – Experience digitally enhanced sound with Boom 3D for crystal clear voice clarity for your Skype calls

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