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For the entire month of November, Harvest TV is giving away a free 2009 Personal Prayer Diary Daily Planner.

This looks like a nice planner and sounds like it has a daily prayer on each of the planner pages as well as a place to jot down to-do lists and stuff like that.

In order to get your free daily planner, fill out your first name, last name, mailing address, phone number and email address. Supplies are limited on this one, so check it out and get your free planner today!


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  1. Thanks, this site is great!

  2. wow … i need it one to help my activities,,, thanx b4

  3. i need this where i can be orgingized

  4. could use one

  5. Nice i could use one

  6. Thanks so much.

  7. thank you

  8. this sounds great

  9. thank you

  10. I really need a daily planner. This one looks nice. Thanks in advance!

  11. Thank You !!!!!!

  12. Wow, something I need to get for college if I could afford it.

  13. I would like one. Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. realy need one for my work pub landlord

  15. I really need a planner i am very bad with keeping appt and very important things.

  16. need for planning my day

  17. I need a planner I’m very bad at remembering my appointments. Thank you!

  18. With this I don`t forgot my activitys

  19. i will love to have one this month