Free Beer Glass from Newcastle Brown Ale – EXPIRED

Here’s a free beer glass from Newcastle. This popular freebie is live again this year and will be open again until 9/07/2011 or until supplies are gone.

Follow the instructions at the bottom of the PDF file (see link above) to mail this form in and redeem your free beer glass. Residents of Texas must purchase the glass for $2.00. No beer cap turn-ins are required in AL, AR, AZ, CA, CT, HI, KY, ME, MN, MO, NC, OH, OR, PA, SD, TX, UT or WV — if you live in these states you can simply print out the form, fill it out and then mail it in. If you live in any other state, you must also send in 6 Newcastle beer caps along with your form.

Last year it took around 10-12 weeks for these to arrive, so please be patient once you send everything in.



47 Responses

  1. romantictoysci says:

    good place for your all your adult sex toys demands

  2. BIG T says:

    I love them. I drink my best home brewed beer out of them. Good glasses for good beer. Thanks.

  3. LORI says:

    link not working

  4. great nut flavor with dinner or desert the summer ale is excellent can not wait to try the red

  5. Donna Mc. says:

    Oh and the second part of the form says no purchase necessary in VA, but the first part of the form does not list VA… so again, very confusing.

  6. Donna Mc. says:

    I live in MD… bought a six pack… so I assume I send in 6 caps, but read the form again and not sure if they will allow in MD as the form says only allowed for residents of the states shown, and MD is not listed. Very confusing.

  7. my hausband is a beer drinker and he loves to try new beers to she what he likes and what would fansy his taste. and thankyou in advance

  8. Lori Derouij says:

    My husband is a beer drinker and I wouod like for him to try this beer to see if he likes it… Thank you in advance

  9. LIKE hot do i get the free glass?????????????

  10. Gina says:

    I love Newcastle! We drink and cook with it (awesome beer brat soak and beer bread!) I can’t wait to get my glass!

  11. mason says:

    I would love to have this free beer glass. thanks.

  12. chris herndon says:

    will look better full.

  13. Nancy Toro says:

    I love newcastle beer

  14. Tony Breeyear says:

    I just want a free beer glass

  15. RodneySmith says:

    New Castle is a tasty beer!

  16. I love new castle beer why not have a matching MUG

  17. becki dinkins says:

    great glass!

  18. brenda edwards says:

    i thought the glass looked cool so i wanted to try toget it

  19. dani shaw says:

    i want this glass

  20. Tonya Bauder says:

    Cant wait to get this glass

  21. Tonya Bauder says:

    Cant wait to get it!!

  22. Jen says:

    Just got this in the mail. The logo is crooked, but for free, it great!

  23. robert says:

    i cant find rthe pdf file to fill it out.

  24. its just the right size for a cold one in the hot afternoon
    and we have had a lot of hot afternoon this year.

  25. steve lilly says:

    I like looks and design of the glass , looks like it would be hard to knock over and spill and it looks awesome ! thanks


  26. Poopsie says:

    You have to send in bottle caps to get the offer.

  27. david hopper says:

    I wold really like the glass please to go with all my things to do with newcastle united and it would fit right in along beside sir bobby robson my collection would be complete newcastle united sir bobby robson and a newcastle brown ale glass perfect lets keep it north east style.

  28. i love this beer glass cant wait to drunk out off it

  29. cant wait to use it!

  30. D says:

    Starting the single life again. Gonna have a bar area in the house. Would be a great addition!

  31. carlos garcia says:

    awesome looking glass would love to have one

  32. craig pratt says:

    i love this its so great

  33. trey says:

    cool glass would be nice to have one

  34. Alexis Dilks says:

    If it’s a beer I’ve had- I’ve got to have the glass as a conversation piece. Cool design -good tasting suds and makes an awesome beer bread to boot!

  35. clair says:

    i wud love to one off these im born and bread in newcastle and would love a reminder of the lovely brown ale

  36. richard james says:

    cool glass

  37. Betty O'Connor says:

    Cool glass – would love to own one

  38. jeremy dunster says:

    I would love to have a glass, bartenders love collecting different glasses

  39. Rod Bradley says:

    I would like to have a cup as well.

  40. Antoinette credle says:

    I love collection glasses of different shapes and sizes And different logos on them

  41. I am from PA and I’d like to have this glass.

  42. michael mcmahon says:

    this is great

  43. michael miller says:

    very good glass

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