Free Bottle of Bayer Advanced – EXPIRED

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Fill out the request form to get a free bottle of Bayer Advanced.

Limit one free bottle per household.

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  1. Thank you. Very much appreciated.

  2. Thank You,Very Much.

  3. Bayer is the best

  4. a comment

  5. a comment. per instruction.

  6. Taking one aspirin daily prevents heart attacks.

  7. Great for the heart

  8. Bayer is number 1.Bayer has been around ever since when other brands come and go.

  9. Thanks heaps for bringing this freebie to us.

  10. would like a free bottle of bayer advance

  11. I use Bayer daily.

  12. This will help so much

  13. thanks

  14. I like bear

  15. thanks!

  16. I would love to try this product for my pain

  17. I have a horrible headaches at least 223 days a week and I haven’t found anything at work yet

  18. I’m hoping this bayer will work for me.

  19. Other pain relievers haven’t worked for my headaches – I hope Bayer will give me some relief.

  20. Thanks

  21. Great for my headaches

  22. Can’t wait to try


  24. Like 2 try

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