Free Coach Purse and Wallet – EXPIRED

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If you’re into designer purses, check out a free designer purse from Coach. The designer bag that you receive will vary and the photo is for illustrative purposes only. You’ll most likely get to choose which purse and wallet set that you want to receive after you start the registration process for your free item.

The purse seen is part of Coach’s Signature Collection. The Signature Collection consists of many different styles of handbags, but they always have the Coach logo as a main design element.

Coach is known for creating wonderful style that is also functional. Every strap, pocket and zipper is placed not only for design purposes, but also for functionality. Leather for the bags is carefully selected and only the best will do. Seams are stitched twice where needed so that the bags hold up for years and years.

The hardware that Coach produces for their bags is second-to-none. Metals are carefully selected and pieces are hand-assembled to give you the best in quality.

Coach offers a huge varity of collections; the Signature Collection is just one. These collections feature a variety of leathers, fabrics and designs to appeal to those that want more than the traditional Coach leather bag. However, the original leather of Coach’s bags is still a staple and helped to shape the brand.

I’ve met a few people with Coach purses and bags, but have never owned one myself. What can I say, I’m a guy! But, if you’re into designer stuff and Coach in particular, you might find it worth your while to participate in this special promotion and grab yours for free. This offer is good for visitors in the UK only.

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  10. Hello! Thankyou Never had a Coach Bag and set before.

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  12. my wife works so hard and never has the money for herself. she would love it