Free Colgate Bright Smiles Bright Futures Kit – EXPIRED

Get a free Colgate Bright Smiles Bright Futures Kit.

The Colgate Bright Futures Program is back!

Teachers  can now order a free classroom kit. The kit includes multimedia components such as posters, videos, curriculum, storybooks, parent take-homes and Colgate Kid’s toothbrush and toothpaste samples for every student.

Register/Sign up to get a free kit. Those who have already reorder, need not reorder again. You can just track your order by entering the pin that was given in the postcard or email you received.

The kits will be delivered on February 2013 to coincide with the National Children’s Dental Health Month.

2 Responses

  1. dawn says:

    i love for my teeth to white and pretty

  2. Lynn says:

    Would like to try a sample Thank you

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