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  1. donna sabin says:

    this free filtrete water system or water bottle has now expired it is no longer available. thank you

  2. farley normanton says:

    i thought this filter was great i will stand firm and reccomend this product to anyone.

  3. stepfanie says:

    I have to write something i dont know what just want a free water filter

  4. Heath says:

    sweet deal!

  5. Kathryn says:

    Response to Aunt Anne: Yes, you can get the free filter. It asked about what you thought about your filter, so I just responded like I’d purchased one, and said what I thought I would like about one. After you fill it out, it still gives you the free filter. I’m excited about it.

  6. Aunt Anne says:

    you can’t get anything free unless you’ve already purchased a filter or bottle from them. thumbs down.

  7. Judy says:

    I widh they would say its fo Canadians or not
    right from the start,instead of filling out the form
    and finding out the 6 digit postal code dont work

  8. Angela Rainey says:

    I am really interested in seeing if this product will work or if not

  9. Martha Chamberlain says:

    I have not seen this item before and would like to find out more about it

  10. gem schlief says:

    Its a great idea in advertizing, I appreciate the free item. Thanks, Gem

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