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  1. catea says:

    i would like to have one to measure the sugar level in my blood

  2. joan root says:

    I used to get free test strips for my One Touch Meter and all of a sudden insurance change and no longer receive the test strips. I cannot afford the copay and and almost out of my strips.

  3. Patty Lowe says:

    This is a very generous offer

  4. My name is josh i need the meter and strips for my grandmother She has to take the needles and poke here own finger by holding the needles and meter is real old could really use new one she has to ask someone to tell her the response one the meter cause she cant make out what it says

  5. Heather Collins says:

    My husband has diabetes and the test strips and monitors are so expensive. Will you help???

  6. Linda Johnson says:

    I don’t have diabetes, my 9 year old granddaughter does. My son’s insurance does not cover the cost for strips. I’m just trying to get free strips for them so that my grand daughter is safe. She has been in the hospital already 3 times this year for low blood sugar. Can you help??

  7. abgelika says:

    when will i get this

  8. Diana Waldo says:

    I am hypoglocemic/borderline diabetic and cannot afford a new monitor. My old one quit working and I have not been able to replace it.

  9. Would like to receive free freestyle lite test strip and glucose monitor. My mom could really use it

  10. like your products

  11. My husband has diabetes and we don’t have a tester or strips

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