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  1. Kaysa says:


  2. Amii Jay says:

    guitar picks! 😀

  3. Kalyn Lawson says:

    pretty pleaseee ? =]

  4. thank u very much! my brother plays guitar and is always looking for pics!

  5. guitar pic are sweet to collect

  6. Lewis Walker says:

    I would love a free guitar pick, thanks.

  7. I would like one please, thanks.

  8. Dustin Martin says:

    Id love to get a free pick i play constantly and use alot of picks.

  9. keisha says:

    how this works?

  10. keisha says:

    i would love to get one since i play guitar and the one i had my little brother broke it.

  11. Michael Dean Gustason says:

    This is so cool. I will certainly use these picks when I play

  12. Where r the guitar picks

  13. Oh please could i request free samples

  14. Thank you ohhhh so much

  15. I would love to receive free stuff, you don’t get free stuff these days. Every now and then don’t we all deserve a little something free,just to say ahhhh….. we all can still feel the love!!!!

  16. silvia olson says:

    thank you so very muchhhhhhhh

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