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  1. AlexD says:

    I LOVE BEER too

  2. Gabriele says:

    i love this

  3. Jennifer says:


  4. lisa says:

    bottoms up, who would not want free beer,

  5. bailey says:

    i want one

  6. i like free stuff i want it to came to my house with my name on it

  7. Ginger says:

    I like beer

  8. Free Bee Joy says:

    Very cute key chain. Thanks

  9. guy guy says:

    Haha will I really get this?

  10. Michele McCullough says:

    Thank u

  11. Dianne Fry says:

    Thank you for having a free site i enjoy looking in there

  12. Anyrhing free i will appreciate it

  13. angel powell says:

    i think that my husband would like this, and i really wish there were more sites where you didt have to take some kind of offer just to et a sample of some sorts

  14. joe blood says:

    I love beer

  15. tina pointer says:

    I would love a free keychain tyvm

  16. tina pointer says:

    I love beer!!!!

  17. Austin Butler says:

    This thing is so cool. I would wear it all day!

  18. KAREN GEORGE says:

    i would love to have one of ur key chanes and i love ur free stuff u have here…

  19. KAREN GEORGE says:

    i love ur key chane

  20. Paul McGowan says:

    I love beer for cooking.

  21. freestuff.cpm is very up right cool for having free stuff to give away.

  22. Cathy says:

    I am going to give this to my husband!!! Of course I like beer too.

  23. debbie brassington says:

    i would luv a beer keyring

  24. Jessica says:

    I want an I love beer key chain

  25. robin says:

    just a quick note to say that i have been looking for a new key chain and now i have found one from your company thanks in advance

  26. April says:

    I have gotten free things before

  27. Eddie Newton says:

    I enjoy the Free stuff.com site keep them coming.GOD BLESS YOU

  28. Elizabeth says:

    I do love beer lol

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