Free Personalized Luggage Tags From KLM – EXPIRED

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Like KLM on Facebook and then click on the ‘Get Free Tags’ tab to get started. You’ll be able to personalize your tags with your name and custom pictures.

As of right now, there are just over 44,000 free tags left. Hurry and check this one out, they will be gone pretty soon.

These are actually very nice tags, especially for the price of free!



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  1. Thanks, for all the freestuff giver-away to everybody.I love (FREE_STUFF). Keep it coming. Ssecert from , Westpoint, MS

  2. This is way cooler than I thought it would be!! I am SO glad I did this!! 😀

  3. I think its a great idea, considering my luggage is always getting lost!

  4. Being a single parent of two kids. This free stuff realy comes in handy. Thanks

  5. Great free tags

  6. great for the traveler in you and its free

  7. The tab on KLM’s facebook page did not work. Said it was the wrong address or something. Bummer. This would have been a nice free score!

  8. Great tags.

  9. I would like to try them

  10. Try it you will love them… I am looking forward to getting some

  11. can find suitcases at bus stops some look the same tags can help i think

  12. I can’t wait to use them!! I love to travel and to be able to see my new free tags on my luggage is going to be sooooo great!!
    Thank you so much!

  13. I would love to try these tags and use them everytime I travel.

  14. Love the luggage tags!!!

  15. great idea

  16. The tab on the KLM facebook page wouldn’t work. Warning came up about website and I was advised to get out.

  17. @kathy lee — I just checked and there are still 33k free tags available. The tab is working for me and I didn’t get any warnings.

  18. soo cute!

  19. i cant find the tab to click to get the free tags. help

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