Free Reusable Tote Bag at Target On Earth Day – EXPIRED

Get a free reusable tote bag at Target on Earth Day this year. Earth day is on April 22nd.

You’ll need to go to the service desk and request your bag. There is a limited number, so it’s probably best to go as early as possible to get your free bag.




6 Responses

  1. kinsey says:

    would like to get one thanks

  2. love to try one to see if it can cop with all my shoping

  3. natika lewis says:

    i shopat target all the time even when my daghter was in dipers and pullups . when they are on sale you take totaly get it them for daycare

  4. crystal says:

    I would love a new tote bag i can gat alot of use out of it

  5. andrew says:

    Well to day is our planet birthday we should celebratre in peace and harmony

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