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  1. gadgets says:

    I’m a blogger, and blogged your post, once i found out it was invalid, I immediately took it down. I think that you should have taken it down as well, this way the people that drove distances would not have been subjected to the disappointment.

    Tim, thanks for your comment regarding best buy, i as a customer have seen first hand and experienced the rudeness and discrimination, sterotyping that Best Buy has practice, but i have to say they seemed to have improved.

  2. Tim says:


    What are you talking about (a one-use only coupon)???

    Best Buy wouldn’t honor the coupon at all…not even for first time users.

    It specifically states on the offer “Coupon is valid until 7/31/12”

    Best Buy is not honoring any of these coupons, not even on the first day of the offer.

    I honestly don’t know why anybody is surprised by this. Best Buy has been the most dishonest electronics company, since the day they started business. They have more class action lawsuits against them for bait-and-switch, than any other electronics company.

    My wife used to manage a Best Buy store and it was store policy to hide inventory that was on sale, tell the customers they were out of stock, and try to up-sell them on a more expensive item. This was taught by corporate and expected of every manager in every store. I’m sure that is exactly the same thing that happened here.

    They put out a coupon, knowing that people would drive many miles. Then they decide to not honor the offer, hoping the customer would purchase something else at full price. They need to realize how much money people lost, just in gas, on this bogus offer.

    As I said, my wife worked for Best Buy. The company treated her very well and she made good money, but she quit after 4 months. She just couldn’t do many of the dishonest things they wanted her to do to the customers. It was against her better judgement morally and ethically to rip off innocent people.

    You people should Google Best Buy and read horror reviews from the thousands of customers that have been lied to, ripped off, and cheated by this company. I couldn’t even begin to tell you some of the things I used to see Best Buy make their employees do. It literally made me sick to my stomach.

  3. Kayla Pollaro says:

    I printed up the coupon and took it to Best Buy. They scanned it, and told me that they needed a copy of the email where I received the promotion. I tried to pull up my email account “on their” kiosk, but the kiosk didn’t work. Traveled over an hour to get to Best Buy for the Rocketfish Stylus and was so upset I wasted my time trying to get such a simple item from a major electronic corporation. For all the trouble people have had with this promotion, we should receive this item in the mail individually from Best Buy free of charge, or who is responsible for promoting the free Stylus.

  4. Chad says:

    Sorry about the trouble with the coupon. We (along with a ton of other freebie sites) had no idea it was a one-use only coupon.

  5. Vicki Bowenschulte says:

    I too, was taken by the free stylus coupon. Drove the 20 mile round tripto our nearest best buy. So happy to find one on the rack. Went to checkout and was told the coupon was bogus, But I could buy it for the 16.99. They did scan it and said it came up for a phone card. Maybe I should have tried for that.


  6. Linda Osbeck says:

    Best Buy would not take the coupon. They said it was invalid.Quite a long drive to do this

  7. Boy I sure could use this Thanks!

  8. Michael Brown says:

    I have not receive anything yet but I am looking forward to all the freestuff!

  9. Sam says:

    it printed perfectly but when i took it in to the store they said that i could not use it because the coupon code was already used! very disapointed!!!!

  10. gadgets says:

    just tried it at the store, they say this is invalid coupon and that it has already been used.

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