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  1. charlene norton says:

    oh how this would help me!

  2. mark withers says:

    i love this kind of stuff

  3. Chad says:

    Lin, I personally request many of the samples that are posted here (sometimes before, sometimes after posting them) and I have received quite a few. It is ultimately up to the company offering the free sample to fulfill the requests. FreeStuff.com doesn’t send out the samples, we simply find the links to where companies are offering free samples and post them on the site for others to enjoy.

  4. john dotson says:

    I would like to try this for my allergies. Thank you.

  5. Lin M says:

    Has anybody ever received ANY samples? I sure have not

  6. Chad says:

    Hi Lauren, I’m not sure about the details of this product other than what’s available on product page itself. You may want to email Allergease with any questions related to the product.

  7. lauren johnson says:

    I suffer from skin allergies. Will this work similar to benedryl?

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