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  1. mack says:

    My wife snore

  2. helen russ says:


  3. Austin says:

    they seem like they would work when i do roofing side jobs with the loud nail gun

  4. deb kyle says:

    I would love to try these to see if they drown out a loud TV

  5. deb kyle says:

    Im sure this is a wonderful giveaway

  6. deb kyle says:

    would to see how these work

  7. deb kyle says:

    would like to try a pair

  8. don’t know if i’ll get my free ear plugs, this site is not user friendly. here is the only place i could put in my email address as directed.

  9. karen dubroc says:

    thank you i love free stuff.

  10. v.sheppard says:

    i won’t have to listen to him snoring for a while hey

  11. Brandon says:

    I need earplugs for my new construction job.

  12. Afshan says:

    I use earplugs and love to try these.

  13. I use ear plugs daily and would love to try these

  14. jamesbrown says:

    i would like to try them

  15. I would love to try this product!


    I LOVE FREE STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. roseanne masucci says:

    thanks….can’t wait!!

  18. this is something i need to try

  19. seem like they will work

  20. cool sounds like a great product…I use ear plugs every nite

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