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  1. abby says:

    i need this ! i really do, i would like to try it out !! pleasee :/

  2. farrah says:

    free sample

  3. angel says:

    id really like to try this

  4. Debbie says:

    this is just what Imay need

  5. Janice Kelly says:

    I would love to try a sample please

  6. jim miller says:

    would like to try something new

  7. I don’t understand why when I like this product on their Facebook page, there is no form or directions as to how to get the free sample. This is not the only time it had happened. What else do I need to do to obtain samples that are liked on their Facebook Pages?

  8. vickie says:

    Ilove La Roche posay

  9. vickie says:

    I would like to try your samples. Iast product .

  10. frances says:

    ok, lets check this out

  11. Teresa says:

    Samples are already gone. Bummed

  12. Francisco says:

    Cant wait to try it

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