Free Sample of Pine Brothers Throat Drops – EXPIRED

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Fill out the request form to get a free sample of Pine Brothers throat drops.

You’ll get a one free sample each of Natural Honey and Wild Cherry.



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  1. I would like to try these

  2. thank you for the opportunity to try this product

  3. thanks for sending a free sample as i’m requesting

  4. these sites are the greatest. and love the coupon sites to

  5. i would live to get these ,as we live 3 hours from a shop we all getting colds

  6. I used up all my guesses. Thats the message i received when i tried to order the sore throat tablets.

  7. i have recently been diagnosed with asthma & am searching for a suitable throat drop to ease my throat which has a permanent itch causing me to cough too frequently.

  8. It’s nice to get free stuff and be able to try before buying it.

  9. I would of liked these, but when I logged on, it was just a pic and some spiel like saying, thanks for all the interest but we are sold out! 🙁

  10. I WOULD like to try it.

  11. Pine Brothers is the best

  12. Can’t wait to try

  13. This is something I really want to try!!!

  14. i sure can used this right know with my sore throat i don’t have anything to take for it

  15. I would love to try these

  16. Can’t wait to try

  17. Yes i am interested in trying your throat drops

  18. has been done since November 27th!!

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