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  1. catea says:

    i would like it

  2. Eluise Hannah says:

    would love to test them out

  3. Kalel Datune says:

    what do they do ?

  4. Lisa Thompson says:

    Have used this product before, and am greatful for the savings coupon they offer.

  5. Megan says:

    Would love to test this product. I’m a brisk runner.

  6. its always good to have one on you and there wasnt any left in my local store

  7. Jackie Rodriguez says:

    Want to try before i buy

  8. doneyale says:

    are these good

  9. mandi hively says:

    I’ve never tired them and a lot of my friends have told me they are really good to use. and I would like to try them and see for myself if they work as good as everyone says

  10. nikki says:

    I want it

  11. cheryl ferguson says:

    wheres the link to give your info?

  12. Bonnie Foley says:

    Trying, thanks

  13. jordyn blake says:

    thats really kool wipes

  14. juana says:

    Would like to try

  15. juana says:

    Never tried would love to try it

  16. alexandrea says:

    I would love to this product. To bad you cant get it in Canada.

  17. nadia martinez says:

    would like to try these

  18. nancy says:

    never heard of them before so id like to check them out and see if i like them before i buy.

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