Free Sharps Container – EXPIRED

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If you have a medical condition that requires the use of needles or other sharp instruments for your treatment or daily monitoring, here’s a free container for you to safely dispose of your used sharps.



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  1. I get weekly allergy shots, this will really help out. Thanks!

  2. Diabetic here and this is just perfect for me.

  3. I use Byetta and this will be great.

  4. Need to place used needles for migrainge headaches

  5. i have diabetes and need this very

    i need this idem badly.



  6. My husband needs this for his diabetic supplies.

  7. My mother has diabetes and hers is getting way too old.

  8. My grandmother is diabetic, this would be perfect for her.

  9. this would really do alot of good for my horse stables. Horses and farm animals need medication monthly.

  10. Thank you, I’m needed to get a new container for my lancets.

  11. i need this cause i give my husband his shots at noight

  12. I’m diabetic and this will help me a lot.

  13. I would really like to have this Sharps container my mother, Father-in-law and I are all Diabetic and I would like to get one for my mother and myself. But the website keeps giving me an error message.

  14. let me try

  15. I am in need of this and would like on I am a diabetic

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