Free Squeeze Bottle, Neti Bottle or Neti Pot From SinuSense – EXPIRED

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Select whether you’d like to receive a SinuSense squeeze bottle, Neti bottle or Neti pot and then fill out your shipping information and one will be on it’s way.

These are great for those of you with sinus problems, or just when you come down with a cold.



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  1. What a wonderful product for those of us with seasonal sinus congestion and relief from the congestion that accompanies it.

  2. great product

  3. its that time s of the year when there is the season change and a lot of allergy’s are going on this. item will be perfect for the help with sinus problems. i get my problems while i am working because i work out doors.

  4. Netibottle please! Can’t wait!

  5. Wpould like to try this

  6. suffers from seasonal allergy

  7. my nose is always dry and I feel I would benefit from something that that would moisturize it.

  8. This stuff really works.

  9. lookn forward to trying product

  10. I like them, they work great.

  11. i like szueeze bottle. and hope every 1 enjoy

  12. free stuff is good.

  13. i would love ti try it

  14. Very nice