Free Tony Hawk Poster – EXPIRED

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Request a free Tony Hawk poster direct from the CDC.

You may request up to five of these at a time. Shipping is completely free as well.

“Pro-skateboarder Tony Hawk, who started the extreme sports movement, has turned away big-money offers from tobacco companies.

This poster, featuring Hawk in action, clearly demonstrates that this mega-sports star would rather use his celebrity status to teach kids about the dangers of using tobacco.”



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  1. These posters are awesome for my grandchildren!

  2. I have twins and they would love to have a poster. Thank you. Becki

  3. I would love to have this for my best friend who just got in a car reck and I paralyzed from his neck down:'( very sad so will u please help help and send that poster to my cuz he is a BIG Tony Hawk fan!

  4. my kids love tony hawk

  5. My son would love to have this poster.

  6. Tony hawk is great and we love Christian Hosai thanks.

  7. thank you for the tony hawks posters my sons and nephews will love them.

  8. my grandson will luv this. thanks

  9. Tony Hawk rocks!

  10. Tony Hawk is a very good in playing skateboard. hopefully I can have this item

  11. My son WOULD love this poster cuz he is into skatebords and tony

  12. We recently moved and lost alot of our sons posters due to water damage and I am now trying to rebuild his collection and this one will be great for him. Thanks alot.

  13. my two boys would love to have this poster

  14. Love Tony Hawk

  15. My son in the airforce loves Tony Hawk, would love if we could get one.

  16. i love these posters they are so cool!!! go tony hawk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Thanks the boys will love it

  18. tony hawk baby! number one!

  19. may son will enjoy the poster.

  20. My grandson loves Tony Hawk. Unfortunately, the link would not respond to my request for the free poster.

  21. These posters are awesome

  22. You the best

  23. my little brother is a huge fan, can i have one for him please x

  24. What a great freebie!

  25. hi i have a kid friend that really likes tony hawk and would love a poster


  27. cool

  28. coool

  29. I want this bad

  30. sweet thanks for yr time

  31. i want this dad

  32. good

  33. i like the poster

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