Free WellCare Tote Bag – EXPIRED

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Click here to get it.

Fill out the form and answer a few questions and get a free tote bag from WellCare.

Although they ask, Medicare enrollment or eligibility is not necessary.




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  1. Very quick form to fill out can’t wait to receive my free bag

  2. Can’t wait to give my free stuff a try,

  3. i would love free stuff

  4. as simplke as that..excited to have my free stuff. thanks and more power to you.


  6. Thought i wud fill this in to see if you really can get things for free

  7. Thank you for the free stuff.

  8. I need medicare bag. PLZ!

  9. Can’t wait to try this bag!

  10. I wonder if I’ll get this bag. Just trying it out. They say nothing in life is free. We’ll see

  11. i cant wait

  12. Just cant wait for my free bag! WAHOO!!!

  13. going green would like a free bag

  14. Thank you for all you done for me

  15. blue & green are my colors…:-)

  16. i want free staff

  17. I like new things ans to try new things

  18. lets see

  19. hey i would like to have one ilike to get stuff free

  20. i love free stuff

  21. i love free stuff

  22. i love free staff

  23. Love free stuff

  24. i like free things

  25. good stuff

  26. I requested a Wellcare Tote Bag weeks ago & still haven’t received one. I also have never gotten any responses about free stuff on this
    website that I have asked about such as will this product or item be offered again in the future? I wish someone would take the time to answer my questions or messages!

  27. I just love the price! FREE, it dont get no better!

  28. Free is always good when you have nothing elese to offer! let alone a credit card, to put in the numbers!

  29. It really helps when one is retired.

  30. grandmother could use this

  31. i can use another bag

  32. This is an very good website

  33. i would love to have one of the bags thanks connie

  34. l can alwayas use another bag

  35. I can always use another bag

  36. I can always find a use for another bag. i do crafts and these bags come in handy to carry things with me.

  37. i can used a new bag

  38. being a busy wife and mom,I can always find uses for bags.

  39. its good to use for different things

  40. Cool!

  41. I would love to try this bag.

  42. what bag??

  43. The bags are all beautiful,but i would like to have the free wellcare tot bag.thanks

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