Get $100 in Godiva Gift Cards for Easter – EXPIRED

Enter your email for a chance to get a $100 gift card for Godiva chocolate – just in time for Easter!

You need to be at least 18 and a U.S. resident to qualify. But remember, you still need to register with current and accurate contact information, including name, email address, postal address and phone number, as well as complete the program requirements to earn an incentive. To earn most incentives, you are required to make purchases and/or sign up for offers.

To qualify for the incentive, you must complete the requirements based on the type of incentive you signed up for. If the incentive is valued at $100 or less (a Tier 1 incentive) then you need to complete one (1) silver, one (1) gold, and two (2) platinum offers on the respective silver, gold, and platinum pages. If the incentive is valued above $100 (a Tier 2 incentive) then you need to complete one (1) silver, one (1) gold, and eight (8) platinum offers on their respective pages. Offers may repeat between pages and the offer will count depending on the page you complete it (for example, an offer may show up on the silver and gold page, if you complete it on the silver, it will count as a silver offer). All offers must be completed within twenty calendar days in the Eastern Standard Time zone. Note that you can’t access one of our sites ‘mid-path’ by skipping the registration and/or survey pages and qualify for an Incentive.

There is no charge for shipping and handling of incentives.

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