Olfactif Perfume Subscription for Men or Women – EXPIRED

Olfactif is the premier niche perfume subscription service for men and women who are tired of smell-alike, mass-market scents.

They deliver samples of high-quality, unique fragrances from around the world to subscribers’ doorsteps every month and provide members-only full-bottle discounts that can’t be found anywhere else. Starts at $15/month with free shipping.

What is niche perfume?
Niche perfume is hard to find, unless you happen to live in New York or Paris. Unlike the companies that make mainstream scents, the people who make niche perfume aren’t obsessed with conforming to trends and mimicking last year’s best sellers; they set trends. They value creativity and originality — and they make things you won’t smell on department store counters.
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The way that most perfume is marketed makes people think that perfume is for women and cologne is for men. Actually, “perfume” is the general term for everything you find on the fragrance counter. The differences are in the concentrations:

  • Extrait de parfum: The most concentrated. The aromatic compounds make up about 15 – 40% of what’s in the bottle (typically about 20%).
  • Eau de parfum (EDP): Aromatic compounds make up about 10 – 20% (typically about 15%).
  • Eau de toilette: Aromatic compounds make up about 5 – 15% (typically about 10%).
  • Eau de cologne: Aromatic compounds make up about 3 – 8% (typically about 5%). Citrus notes tend to play a leading role in colognes, and you don’t find a lot of heavy base notes.

So as you might guess, men and women can—and do—both wear cologne and perfume. The mainstream perfume industry has just made you think otherwise.

Regardless of whether you choose the unisex or the men’s subscription, all of the scents that we curate are made with men and women in mind. (Niche artists don’t buy into that men’s-scents-vs-women’s-scents thing.) We also encourage people to wear whatever they like, regardless of how mainstream marketing has stereotyped certain fragrances and notes. You’re a woman who loves to wear tobacco? You’re among friends. You’re a man who’s tempted by dark rose? Go forth and be fragrant.

Countries allowed: United States

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