SSV8NC Superstar V8 Next Challenge from GreenManGaming – EXPIRED

Get the SSV8NC Superstar V8 Next Challenge game free from GreenManGaming!

This is a really cool game and will be free only for a limited time. If you’re not into games, perhaps you have a significant other or child that will enjoy this racing game. It’s family-friendly and there’s nothing to worry about with younger kids playing it.

How To Get It

  1. Follow the ‘SSV8NC Superstar V8 Next Challenge game free’ link above.
  2. Click on the ‘Buy Now’ button underneath the price of $0.00.
  3. Create or login to your Green Man Gaming account.
  4. Create or login to your Playfire account.
  5. Link your Green Man Gaming and Playfire accounts as instructed.
  6. Download your free game and enjoy!

Game Description

Hear the tyres scream in the second edition of the 4 wheels racing game by Black Bean! Next challenge brings the Superstars V8 series to a new level of realism and fun: New and improved in-game physics and damage, the exclusive Evolving Track system and the cockpit view lets you enjoy speed and adrenaline like never before. Plus, top-class cars from 7 different manufacturers, living and breathing 3D environments and online multiplayer for up to 16 challengers on the track at the same time!
Gianni Morbidelli, the last 2 years champion of the Superstars competition, has contributed to the fine tuning of the car behaviour and the tracks layout.

Features – up to 16 players online – Realistic settings with many performance and aesthetics improvements – Exciting tracks, extremely realistic graphics and physics. – All the official drivers including champions such as Gianni Morbidelli and Stefano Gabellini – 19 faithfully reproduced cars racing simultaneously such as BMW 550, Jaguar S, BMW M5, BMW M3 e Audi RS4. – All the official tracks such as Mugello, Monza, Valencia, Adria, Misano Adriatico, Adria, Kyalami, Portimao e Vallelunga and other never published before tracks such as Magione e Varano.

Game Screenshots

**If you’re not interested in this free game download, be sure to check out all of the free stuff we’ve posted so far for February 2013. Many are still available, and I’ll bet that you’ll find something that interests you there!**

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