Use THIS To Make Yourself Invisible To Mosquitos – EXPIRED

The MosquitoGO patch is an all-natural mosquito repellant that provides up to 12 hours of protection. It blocks your scent, creating a safe barrier for you against them. This protects you from devastating viruses carried by mosquitoes.

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Non Transdermal Application
Nothing is passed from the patch to your skin. Place patch on skin, clothing, on edge of baby stroller, on patio table, etc.

Protecting Your Skin
Insect repellant that is actually good for you! Won’t cause rashes or skin irritation due to the patented scratch bubble design.

Safe For All Ages
MosquitoGO is safe to be used around children, babies and even pets!

Deet-Free Formula
Protect your family from harsh chemicals with a product that uses only natural and effective solutions

All in One Solution
Easy application. Just scratch and stick and the mosquitoes won’t come near you.

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