Which is better – Android or iPhone? – EXPIRED

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5 Responses

  1. Dimitar Dimitrov says:

    iPhone in my personal opinion!

  2. ranya says:

    Actually I like Android better than iPhone
    it’s cheaper and have the same propreties

  3. Allie Guzman says:

    I think the android is much better in some ways. like if your battery blows up or dies completely, YOU can change it and get a new battery for cheap. Apple iPhones have to be taken in and is time consuming as well as a money waster. although iPhone have more to give it cheaper to go through android.

  4. Teresa Owens says:

    I like the Samsung better in the long run

  5. Adam says:

    Which is better – Android or iOS?

    First of all, they are both doing just fine. Some prefers one from another but for me, whichever is available is good enough for me. Not because I can’t afford it but based on efficiency, these two are quite comparable. For people like me who are very particular in terms of expenses, I would go without a doubt with Android. It’s much cheaper and way more convenient and user-friendly towards users. iOS on the other hand d has a much stable OS between the two.

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