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Click to Enter This Contest – UK Only

Hello all of you guys from across the pond!

If you’re from the UK, you’re eligible to enter into a drawing for a free iPhone. I know you’ve seen it around, and now is your chance to enter to win one today.

What does it take to win? You’ll need to fill out your name and mailing information, gender, and a telephone number to be eligible. Use only valid information, otherwise your entry is voided. Once you are entered to win, the prize drawing will take place and you will be notified of the winner. No purchase is necessary in order to enter this contest.

Remember guys, this offer is valid for residents of the UK only. Oh, and you might want to use an alternative email address to sign up for this one.

Click to Enter This Contest – UK Only


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  1. please please please could i have this i would love a phone please can i have it x

  2. if i get this phone i will charish it and will do any thing for it if i ever got it and it got lost i would die

  3. i want the phone thank you and send as soon as possible

  4. Pleasee pleasee Can I Have That Phone I Have Never Had One Pleasee I Will Tell Everyone About Thiss Site And Theyy W

  5. Will Cherish It As Much As Me Pleasee **

  6. Pleas send me offers of stuff as fast as possible by email please

  7. i want to win a phone

  8. me and my friend like this and we need a phone because we do not have a phone

  9. I am a lover of music, I am always out and about and would love this phone so i could listen to my music while on the go.

  10. Well if anything this is perfect to have.Thankyou!

  11. I need a phone really bad!

  12. Ill be so happy if i could get this iphone


  14. i love any thing that’s free

  15. Will they give it to us and how many days will it take

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