10 Free Ovulation / Pregnancy Tests – EXPIRED

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You can select any combination of ovulation or pregnancy tests for free. Simply fill in your shipping information and indicate how many of each you’d like to receive and they’ll send them out!

This awesome freebie is compliments of the Sacred Heart Mission who’s mission is to improve the health of pregnant mothers and their babies though charitable giving.

Please note that due to the overwhelming response to the free ovulation and pregnancy tests, some orders may be experiencing delays beyond the normal shipping estimates.

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  1. I ordered them about a year ago and never received them. However, I did end up getting pregnant soon after ordering them. So, I guess I didn’t need it after all.

  2. im tryin for a baby and i dont ovulate regularly. i would love this but cant figure out how to put my address and all that.

  3. I would like 5 ovulation and 5 pregnancy test thank u

  4. me and my husbend try to get pregnent for a year

  5. Thanks(:

  6. I would like some of these ovulation tests please! Thanks