10 Free Ovulation / Pregnancy Tests – EXPIRED

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You can select any combination of ovulation or pregnancy tests for free. Simply fill in your shipping information and indicate how many of each you’d like to receive and they’ll send them out!

This awesome freebie is compliments of the Sacred Heart Mission who’s mission is to improve the health of pregnant mothers and their babies though charitable giving.

Please note that due to the overwhelming response to the free ovulation and pregnancy tests, some orders may be experiencing delays beyond the normal shipping estimates.

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  1. Thanks For All The Help With Free Stuff! God Bless

  2. this is a great idea. & these come in handy.

  3. This is a great idea. Thank you for the free stuff this is a big help!

  4. Dats a great offer for ladies :)

  5. i would love some

  6. love it!!!

  7. =]

  8. I wanted to get the pregnancy test to make sure that if one one of my friends r not pregnant.

  9. love free stuff

  10. i want some of theses as im trying for a baby.

  11. This is such a great idea love it

  12. i would love to recieve this sample but could not figure at if australians can recieve it. this is a great idea.

  13. how very sweet of them to do this god bless! their all ways handy to have just encase!

  14. thanks

  15. Wow, thanks!!!!

  16. Hey this is great. Thankx alot

  17. does anyone know how long it takes to receive these?

  18. I love this idea especially right now

  19. i would really like if i can have the 10 free test i could really use them

  20. has anyone received theirs yet? i am waiting on mine, but you know how some offers are, you dont see half of them. i wanted to see if this was real, and if anyone got theirs yet.

  21. this is great and very helpful these tests are expensive

  22. great idea for the gals, they are really expensive these days

  23. these are really great. soo expensive!! very helpful!!!!

  24. ive been wanting to try this

  25. What a wonderful thing this is. We thank the Sacred Heart Mission and appreciate the efforts you are making to make our lives better. God bless The Sacred Heart Mission~

  26. great site

  27. i have been wanting to try this.thanks

  28. Can’t wait

  29. These are expensive i would appreciate to recieve this i cant wait

  30. I would like to try this one. I would apprecaite if I oculd get one.

  31. Wow, that would really come in handy for those, ‘Oh my god I’m late!’moments.

  32. I’ve been trying to get pregnant for a few months now and they would come in handy.

  33. this is wonderful, i really appreciate this, does anyone know how long these take to come in

  34. Usually, how long will receive them? it had been 2 months, but i still haven’t get it :(

  35. I’ve never used one before.

  36. GREAT offer, i just received my 10 pregnancy test in the mail :) they are not what is pictured they are just small strips you stick into a cup with your urine sample. they are each in a small foil package about 1″ by 3″ and all were sent in one small envelope. very excited to receive this offer, it is a very good one.

  37. i would love a sample of this product because i have been trying to get pregnant for 4 years now and i dont know when i ovulate.

  38. Wow…i hope these are not expired.

  39. I would love a free ample because im tryin to have a baby and dont know when i ovulate

  40. I have 2 teenage daughters that I close relationships with but I would love to have this just in case.

  41. This is a big help to female’s

  42. Thank you so much and God Bless Everyone.

  43. You have to pay for shipping on everything from Fedex or UPS.. Don’t know about ‘Via Mail’.

  44. Just recently got married want to start a family with new husband, free ovulation test would come in handy!

  45. this would help out alot since ive lost my job same as alot of other peoples that are un employed.

  46. i think this is a wounderful idea like my self so many women are un employed and this is a relief for all of us so thank you so much

  47. kool =]

  48. it would really come in handy!!!!

  49. thanxs alot for the freestuff it helps alot hope everyones sattisfied

  50. I need a pregnacy test i havent had my period in 2 months

  51. thank you 😉

  52. its a smart idea to have for people that want to make sure at some points if u r and aint pregent.

  53. its been over two monthes and have still not gotten these yet, has anyone gotten these at all??????

  54. this will come in handy, my husband and i are trying to conceive

  55. i think that this a good i dea. im one of the many women that is having a hard time getting pregnant and im not sure when the right time is.

  56. What kind of packaging do the free pregnancy and ovulation tests come in?

  57. Hi this is great many thaks

  58. Thank you, this is a God sent! God bless……Words can’t even describe what this means t my husband and I. We have been trying for almost four years now. Thank you thank you thank you!

  59. thanks!!!

  60. it had been 4months, but i still haven’t receive anything

  61. Guys, i really think that they are not giving these away because its been over three monthes that i have been waiting on mine and look at the comments out of all of them theres only like 3 people that did receive them

  62. I would love to have this.I have been trying for 4 years.still no luck

  63. still hoping

  64. i have been trying for 3 years and still no luck.

  65. I would love some free ovualtion tests!

  66. I’ve been waiting since Jan and still haven’t gotten mine.

  67. omg mee too i have been waiting forever!! i must have got my hopes up for nothing! i was so excited.. hmm bummer):

  68. I would like to get both products so I can share with one of my friends that is trying to get pregnant since her wedding day.

  69. great idea comes in handy

  70. dont feel bad ladies, i have been waiting since november of last year and still nothing, makes it seem really good with advertisement but after that not so good…

  71. how do i apply for them?

  72. need this for my gf

  73. need this

  74. I finally got mine, instead of ten they sent 5 but it was better than nothing.

  75. This would be a great product to use.

  76. Youre so awesome!! Thank you so much!!

  77. thank you

  78. get thought

  79. wow they are actually free no cost at all and this will help alot my husband and i have been tryin to get pregnant again for a few months now i cant wait to get them! thank you so much!

  80. I can’t wait to use these

  81. Well, I requsted mine in Oct of ’09 when we suspected we were pregnant and waited for two months but never recieved the product. We lost our 2 angels at 19 weeks in Feb. and are now potentially pregnant again. I have put in a second request, but I wouldn’t put off buying a test if you suspect you are pregnant now. I’m definately not holding my breath on ours. Good luck to you all ladies!!!

  82. hey would love to recieve these

  83. this is an awesome idea

  84. would love to take advantage of this. For sure…

  85. I would love to try it out

  86. As a married mother of three, my husband and I would love to take advantage of this…

  87. i cant believe this iv been paying load of money many thanks will be looking forward to receiving my pregnancy tests.

  88. My friend got her order in the mail a few weeks ago, so it is a good site, I just now put in my order!

  89. This is incredible!!!! Thank you so much!!!!

  90. Does this tell me who got me pregnant? I know i am, i just don’t know which guys it is…

  91. heather thanks for offer

  92. You can buy accurate ovulation and pregnancy test at the Doller store for $1 each!

  93. ive always wanted to try this to see if it may help…Thanks!!

  94. Thanks.

  95. Could I be pregnant again?! This is something I really need!

  96. thanks

  97. I just order my free pregnancy tests and I’m really hoping that it doesn’t take forever to get them.

  98. does this work in the uk??? i recently lost my unborn baby at 12wks. and am trying again so this would help…

  99. how do i get the free pregnancy test

  100. im hopeing im pregnant so this will come in handy

  101. Will come in very handy

  102. Much Needed

  103. i hope i will get this order

  104. like to see about this product

  105. I ordered these about a month ago and still have not recieved them… glad i needed to know whether or not i was prego

  106. :/ I ordered these 5 months ago & never received.
    At least I would know by now though :p

  107. Hey thanks y’all adds are helpful

  108. I have been waiting to recieve these pregnancy tests for about 5 months or more now. I am upset do to the fact that I have not recieved them yet.. Has anyone who ordered these pregnancy or ovulation test actualy got them?

  109. For anyone who is still waiting after months of not recieving there 10 Tests, Here is a email address to contact about them. Add this sentance to your email under subject “I have been waiting for months now, Still have not recieved TESTS…..”

    This is what I just did myself because I am upset and I feel it is false advertisement.


    To: support@freeopks.com
    Subject: I have been waiting for months now, Still have not recieved TESTS………

    write how you feel about this and how you had your hopes high for them and you got nothing…Express how you feel and in the email you send them Include your name, address, Phone(optional) and email and reqest they inform you if they are not going to send them for some reason. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE I hope this information will help in some way…

  110. does anyone know when i will be getting these in the mail it has been over 4 months or so and i am still waiting

  111. needed

  112. I need these please ASAP

  113. please i woukd really love to know if i’m pregnant or not i’m so stressed out about it but can’t afford to buy one..

  114. is this legit? because i need to take a test but i’m tooo nervous to go to the store and buy one.

  115. pls would be nice … since i am out the door buying them every month ty

  116. this is a product i really can use. thank you

  117. I need th bad

  118. I am in need of ovulation tests. Please let me know how I can get them! Thank you!

  119. States offer no longer available.

  120. I would like some ovulation tests please 😉

  121. very good idea :)thank you

  122. I would love to get them for my daughter she is trying to get pregers thank you very very much

  123. that would be so amazing!!

  124. i would like to receive ten free ovulation tests..how do i do it

  125. I would like free pregnant test

  126. I would like to get the free ovulation kit please. but I can’t find the shipping form. Please can some1 help me. Thank you

  127. iam really trying to have a baby

  128. This stuff will come in handy

  129. trying for a baby x

  130. i would like the ovulation tests and pregnacy tests.. ive been trying for a baby for a while and it just isnt happening… im realy desperate x

  131. I wanted to see when I start ovulating so me and my husband can get pregnant with our first child! Really excited

  132. i would like some free ovulation and pregant test please. just misscaryed and to try again. thanks.

  133. These would come in handy we’ve been trying for over a year with no luck

  134. Love it

  135. I would like some free ovulation and pregant test please, I have been trying for a baby for awhile now and this would help!!!

  136. This product is great i would like to try it.

  137. I would love to get one of these for free

  138. how do i get this freebie?

  139. Well trying to start a family with my husband and i love babies and really want one of my own and these will help alot

  140. i have been trying to have a baby but ive been diagnosed with pcos so these would be really useful or i may never concieve

  141. hi how do i get this please x

  142. I would like to have free ovulation kit I have bee trying to have a baby for about a year already an its hard to find out with a person like me so please i would love to have a kit thank you

  143. I would be very gratefull for some of these, recently married and getting no younger lol. Many thanks xx

  144. How do I request some of these? Can’t find a link? Brilliant freebie :)

  145. brill idea i am having difficulty concieving a baby and would love all the help we can get.

  146. i would like to request some of these please!!!!!

  147. How do I get these sent to me, I cannot figure it out.

  148. Really need to find out if I am.

  149. These are spam as far as i know. i ordered 10 preg test 3 yrs ago and STILL have yet to get 1 of the 10.i emailed with no reply.

  150. Would like these s I am trying for a baby and can’t seem to concive xx

  151. I ordered them about a year ago and never received them. However, I did end up getting pregnant soon after ordering them. So, I guess I didn’t need it after all.

  152. im tryin for a baby and i dont ovulate regularly. i would love this but cant figure out how to put my address and all that.

  153. I would like 5 ovulation and 5 pregnancy test thank u

  154. me and my husbend try to get pregnent for a year

  155. Thanks(:

  156. I would like some of these ovulation tests please! Thanks