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8 Responses

  1. Sebi says:

    I love free stuff!

  2. Afrah says:

    Hi how are you?
    I want samples

  3. Cameron Hill says:

    I really want to get a Nintendo switch for my sister.

  4. Chris says:

    Hello I’m from Mexico and I’ve never had any game console because I’m pretty poor, so I would like to get the console

  5. Daveon says:

    Can i have it free

  6. Leti says:

    May i get a switch i really want it for christmas my mother and dad wont give me it pls

  7. Logan Ganier says:

    IAM a gamer with no kind of console, and winning this would be a dream come true, hope to win so I can play games with my friends and not be an out cast for having no console

  8. Dax says:

    I would like a nintendo switcg

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