FREE Kindle Books Available Now from Amazon

Load up your Kindle device or computer with the free Kindle reader with hundreds of free books available now through Amazon! Click MePlease note that the price can change at any time. Some of these books retail for upwards of $40 a piece! There are some great ones in here and I’ve just started to look through the entire list.

Remember that if you don’t have a physical Kindle, you can download a free Kindle reader on your smartphone or use the free Kindle app on your PC or Mac.



6 Responses

  1. Stephanie says:

    My Kindle is brand new and I would absolutely love this!! I can’t get enough of it and download books daily!

  2. i want a kindle i love to read

  3. Diane Torok says:

    I would love to receive your free samples. I have A teen daughter just starting to wear makeup and things. I would also love to try them as w ell.

  4. Hazel Washington says:

    I have a kindle. I feel as if it’s already X-mas, Thank you.

  5. i soo wnat a free kindle si i could read whatever book i want

  6. i soo want a kindle for free so i can read what ever book i want

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