Apex Mastermind 14-day Trial Offer – Enhance Brain Function

Mastermind is the #1 natural cognitive enhancer that can noticeably improve your focus and increase brain activity within the first few weeks as well as increase your energy levels, and get rid of that feeling of mental fatigue forever!
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You are signing up for a free 14-day trial ($6.98 S&H). During your first 14-days, you can try the product risk free. If you feel the product is not for you or don’t want to be billed for the monthly shipments, call us within your trial period (14 days from the day you sign up) to avoid the purchase fee of $74.99 and enrollment into our “Auto-Ship” program that will send you out a new bottle every 30 days. If you do not call us to cancel within the 14 days after the day you sign up and you will be charged $74.99. To ensure that you do not unintentionally run out of product while awaiting a new order following your trial, you will automatically be enrolled in our subscription program (“Autoship”) whereby you will receive a new bottle every 30 days subsequent to your initial enrollment (“Enrollment”), at a rate of $84.98/month ($74.99 plus $9.99 S&H). Autoship of the product will continue for 24 months following your initial trial period, unless cancelled by you or by National Supplement Beauty Solutions Ltd prior. In the event that we are unable to process the regular monthly subscription fee of $84.98, we will attempt to bill you at discounted rate of $29.99. If we are still unable to process the monthly subscription fee at the discounted rate of $29.99. We will attempt to bill you at the final discounted rate of $19.99. If after all these attempts we still are unsuccessful at processing the monthly subscription fee, we will cancel your subscription and terminate your account. No other charges will be attempted and no further orders will be processed. By signing up to our 14 day trial offer you are agreeing to these terms. Cancellation of Autoship within the first 14 days of any monthly Autoship period will prevent any subsequent shipments or billing.

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