As Seen On TV Copper Fit Balance – Performance Orthotic Insoles

Copper Fit Balance is an orthotic insole designed to improve stability, posture control and alignment.

The sleek design fits all types of shoes, while relieving foot pain and body aches while holding your arch in the correct position. Copper Fit Balance can correct mild to moderate over-pronation, and reduces odors with the Copper Fit fabric while giving superior comfort.

NOT FREE, BUT SPECIAL OFFER: Buy One Pair for $19.99 + $3.99 Shipping & Handling

Copper Fit® Balance Helps:

  • IMPROVE stability, posture control, and alignment
  • RELIEVE foot and body aches and pain
  • SUPPORT your arch and heel
  • CORRECT mild to moderate over-pronation
  • REDUCE odors with Copper Fit® fabric

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