Cheap Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Father’s day is coming up. For sure, by now, you are already wondering how to come up with the perfect gift that you can give your dad in his special day. Dad’s don’t just bring home the bacon. Even after a day’s work at the office, dads still work as much when they return home. They do the mowing of the lawn and serve as the “all-around handyman” of the house. It is just therefore fitting to reward and show your appreciation and love for them on Father’s day. Father’s day gifts don’t have to be expensive. You don’t have to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars just to show your dad you love them. More often than not, dads appreciate gifts that are wholeheartedly given–irregardless of the price. So we have created and listed cheap Father’s day gift ideas that a son, daughter, grandchild can give to his father; and a wife can give to his hubby.

Homemade/Personalized Gifts. Kids, listen up. Do you know that dads appreciate it alot when their kids make fancy crafts for them? Little kids can draw a picture of their dad, color it and make it a greeting card. For older kids, you could create photo frames with a picture of you and your dad. And if you have the culinary talent, you can bake him his favorite sweets. Let your creative juices flow, and for sure, you’ll bring smiles to your dad’s face.

Household Chores. Just as we said, dads do chores at home. And after a tiring day at work, we’re quite sure that most dads would want to take a day off. When you’re big enough to handle household chores, you could offer to mow the lawn or repaint the treehouse, and do stuffs that dads usually do at home. Make a coupon book where in your dad can use them if he wants so. But be sure to these chores as your promised!

Lunch or Dinner-Out. Okay, eating in restaurants can be expensive. Or, it can be not. Many restaurants offer promos during Father’s Day. You can research a bit about restaurants that offer both great food and promo, then take your dad to lunch or dinner-out on Father’s day. If you think that this is still out of your budget, you can also take your dad out for his favorite sweets or dessert.

Outing. Bring your dad and even the family into an outing. It does not have to be far away. You can go to a park, a nearby tourist spot, the movies, or any place where your dad will feel special and cherished.

Clean the Car. Well, cleaning the car means you have to wash, polish and vacuum the car inside out. Your dad will surely be glad that you took initiative cleaning his car. Dads don’t say it much, but they always want to be seen riding a clean car.

Play or Watch a sport. Almost every dad is a sports fan. For athletic dads, you can join him in his sports activities. Also, you can just grab pizza and beer and watch a football or baseball game on TV. But if you want to splurge a little more, take your dad out to a live sports game.

Backyard barbeques. If moms are the queens of the kitchen, then dad are the masters of backyard barbeques. Buy him cheap barbeque tools and even a cookbook. He’d surely appreciate that in the long run.

Do a House Project together. Mr. Fix-It dads love to tinker things around the house. Your dad would love to a create a new house project with you. Hey, even kids can do this. It could be a new treehouse, a new fence or any house project that both of you can think of.

Time. Dads whose children are too busy getting on with their lives also miss bonding with them. Even if you’re busy with work or studies, find time to be with your dad, and regularly join him in his activities such as fishing or playing golf. Time could be the best gift that you could give him.

We are sure that the above Father’s day gift ideas will make your dad smile on Father’s day. In addition, we have also listed gift ideas for those who are on a budget. These inexpensive are popular and can be of great use to your dad.

Under $30

  • Travel dads would love this Shave Kit from Every Man Jack. It has everything that your dad needs for shaving perfection.
  • Two of things that your dad loves-golf and barbeque-combined in one unique Golfer’s BBQ Set.
  • Dads do not only love to eat, but they also love to cook. Give your dad the Eat Like a Man Cookbook which your dad will surely enjoy reading.

Under $50

  • Treat your dad out to a live sports event. Find a good spot in the stadium with not so-overly priced tickets.
  • Give your dad’s home bar another look with these Personalized Father’s Day Gifts.
  • A Swiss Army Knife will be your dad’s all around tool when he goes camping, fishing, hiking and other activities he does.
  • Give this BBQ Night Light as a present to your dad. This tool will be very helpful to your dad when he is grilling after dark.

Under $100

  • Treat your dad to a luxurious comfort after a stressful day at work with this Massaging Bed Rest where he can read a book or watch a sports show in comfort.
  • Your dad will never feel bored mowing the lawn with this Lawn Striping System. Lawn mowing will now be fun with all the patterns and stripes your dad can add to your lawn.
  • Let your dad enjoy grilling barbeque with this Park-Style barbeque grill. Let your dad grill with style.
  • Fishing is a dad’s hobby. Optimize your dad’s fishing experience with this Okuma Guide Select Casting Rod.

We hope that these gift ideas will help you in choosing the perfect gift for your dad on Father’s day. Spend time with him and show him that you love and appreciate the things that he did, does and will keep on doing for you.

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