Complete a short survey and receive a complimentary $500 Visa Gift Card – EXPIRED

Limited time offer, request yours today! Request For Details

*In order to receive the item(s) as offered (the ‘Incentive’), you must complete participation requirements which can include taking surveys, requesting information, and purchasing products. This incentive has a maximum value of $500. View our complete participation requirements for more detailed information. You must be over the age of 18 to participate in this promotion.

27 Responses

  1. Kaily bontempo says:

    I really want this gift card for my close friends bday bc shes sick and shes my bestie she also got me something before and I feel the need to get her more!!!.

  2. Donald cross says:

    Please send one i ben want oe for years thanks

  3. Dayana says:

    Todos los enlaces me llevan a una página de un casino o algo así

  4. michael says:

    i got it i got the money

  5. Lucinda says:

    This is just a need it’s though times our kids have needs

  6. Fernanda says:

    Me gustaría demasiado, poder ganarlo

  7. Calese Green says:

    I really want this gift card because I want to buy my school supplies.

  8. I wanted something free!!!

  9. Mary says:

    I need this for my uncle’s medicines

  10. Cristhian says:

    I want this credit card to pay my studies

  11. Areli says:

    Quiero ganar 500 dólares

  12. Carlos says:

    Quiero ganar este sorteo,me encantaria

  13. Frank says:

    Soy de El Salvador. Intento llenar el formulario y no me deja, me sale error en dirección, código postal y número telefónico

  14. Steven duque says:

    Soy alguien de pocos fondos y una tarjeta me podria ayudar muchisimo 🙂

  15. Maxwell says:

    I would love to win 500$ during this pandemic because of people not being able to work…

  16. FreeStuff Manager says:

    Hi Prisca. Just follow the link to apply. The details are provided on the website making this offer. Good luck. Stay safe!

  17. Prisca says:

    How and what to do? Am interested

  18. Monica says:

    I’m pretty excited to be in part of this contest..!! Wish me luck!! ????

  19. Hello! I’m from Krasnodar, Russia. Can I in?
    We need a chief knives for learning cook with children

  20. Jaden says:

    I’m excited to win a gift card

  21. Gene says:

    I want to have free 500 dollars

  22. I completed all of the questions and entries.

  23. Johnson says:

    I’m jonhsonwilliam this site was good I love it


  25. FreeStuff Manager says:

    Hi Anna. I do not see in their requirements whee you are required to have a website. Where did you see this requirement?

  26. Anna Biggs says:

    I don’t have a website

  27. Samantha Kobayashi says:

    Free stuff please!

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