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This magazine is focused on beginning and advanced four-wheel drive enthusiasts who involve themselves in the sport of mastering rough terrain and personalizing trucks. Its features include how-to advice and information on truck purchasing, racers and racing, recreational drivers and outdoor enthusiasts.

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  1. Hello,

    This is for a Free 4 Wheel & Off Road Magazine Subscription. I really would like to receive it.



  2. this is for a Free 4 Wheel & Off Road Magazine Subscription. I really would like to receive it. sincerely yours
    asim raut
    ward no-1,tankisinawari v.d.c,morang district,nepal

  3. My husband is a 4 wheel and off road “junkie”. I would really love to have this free subscription for him. He loves the magazine and loves to off road in our Jeep.


  4. my son and brother love four wheeling, we all grew up doing it. i guess we are rednecks to the bone

  5. im with these people. id also like to have a free subscrition.

  6. this would be a blessing for my son; he loves, big wheels, car racing, and facy cars and big trucks. I would love for him to receive this since his is in jail. thank you very much…

  7. i want this so bad

  8. Oh, i would really like to recieve this please !

  9. You have to click and sign up for it morons! You cant just say you want it and expect to get it!

  10. my husband will really like this

  11. i would lioke to read your mag, i hope to start a new custom business

  12. i would like a free copy of ur mag cause i want to lift my truck and put some big tires on it

  13. i would like to get this magazine i love trucks

  14. i would like to receive this plzz

  15. my uncle is actually mad of off road , i like to give him this magazine on his birthday on december 21

  16. I’, an avid off roader. every weekend is spent in the hlls around my town, rain snow or shine. the comitment of a postal worker with the limitless attitude of an optomist. if my truck makes it up i can make it back down. i love the magazine and would really love a free subscription!

  17. love tinkering with 4×4 trucks

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