Free Back to School Supplies for Qualified Families

Get free back to school supplies from the Salvation Army and charities.

Free back to school supplies are available for children from low to moderate income families. Households in need can get assistance from the Salvation Army, national retailers, churches, charities as well as non-profit agencies near you. The assistance given will help them pay for school supplies for the 2019 year. Qualified households can also get money or free gift cards to buy school supplies including backpacks, shoes, clothes, uniforms, books and more. There are also free school items for single parents and mothers to help their kids.

For a comprehensive list of organizations who can provide this level of help, go to: Free Back To School Supplies for Qualified Families

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  1. Kassandra says:

    We have one income and it’s minimum wage. Our daughter is gonna be in 5th grade. Very right on money and this would be so great for her ?

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