Free Borba Skin Aqualess Crystalline Drink Packettes – EXPIRED

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Click here to get it.

Want to try a free sample of a BORBA skin care product? Or receive their printed catalog?

Simply complete the form after following the link above and you will be the first to receive a free Borba skin care product sample when they are available. We will notify you when the samples are being shipped to you.

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  1. I hope i will enjoy your produck.

  2. can’t wait to try this:)

  3. Thanks

  4. i want a free sample

  5. I want a free sample.

  6. I love drinks like this would very much like to receive a sample

  7. hope it works

  8. i woukd like to tri it

  9. The sample isn’t completely free. They require you to pay $3.00 in shipping and handling.