Free Cell Phone Protective Case – EXPIRED

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Here’s a free cell phone protective case from

Simply fill out the form and they’ll ship you one right out. This company may be headquartered in Europe, but they have a country box, so it’s likely good for the US also. The only way to know for sure is to give it a try.

The case is pictured to your right and looks to hold some of the smaller to mid-sized phones. Oversized phones will likely not fit into this case.

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  1. cool

  2. 1 Free Cell Phone Protective Case

    Monique de Vos.

  3. Just signing up for interesting freebies..Thanks

  4. It’s cool with this cas from Europe

  5. Cool

  6. wow

  7. My friend has the same carrying case ad she loves it

  8. It says it will arrive in about 2-3 weeks so I am assuming that it’s good for the US! My cell company is shipping my 3rd phone to me, hopefully this one will be ok! I needed a case for it and was to cheap to buy one!! 🙂 And so that is why I come here!! Luv the freebies!!Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!

  9. Great case. Looking forward to trying it.

  10. cool


  12. just got a new phone from at&t thanks!!!!

  13. thanks my mom just got her first phone

  14. Thank You, I just got a new phone from T-Mobile

  15. Gotta have it!

  16. saves scratching my phone

  17. I’d love to try this case and thank you in advance.

  18. Thanks:)

  19. yes and its free!

  20. i really need one of theses things because i am so clums an i feel that this would help me alot soo i am look forward two having this very much!

  21. let’s see what happens…

  22. cool!!!

  23. Thanks!!

  24. what a neat protector for my special phone

  25. I need this protector for my phone

  26. site doesn’t work anymore

  27. i think this is a great site for the better people and helps them out ALOT

  28. i think this is a great site and it help people out a lot thank you sooo much

  29. I so need a case and its cute.

  30. nice case

  31. i used freebies first time . nd not very much know about free bies………

  32. Cool phone case

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