Free Children Books From Dolly Parton – EXPIRED

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This is a great program where you can free books delivered to your child every month or two.

These are completely new books, a mixture between hard and softcover, and are all shrink-wrapped upon arrival to your home.

It’s a great deal, we’ve been getting them for 3 years now.

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  1. I think this is great for children who dont have books!smart thinking dolly parton!!

  2. I love Dolly!

  3. the link is dead or has expired, don’t know which

  4. how do i get my community involved in this program of DOLLY PARTON IMAGINATION LIBRARY. it sounds like something my community needs to be involved in.

  5. I am soooooooo looking to see the different free books that are being offered. God bless you.

  6. I have two kids 9 year old boy and 4 year old girl, they love to read so any books helps and is apreciated. thanks in advance

  7. We love and wuld appreciate any books available

  8. my son will be 3 and like book

  9. I would love to receive these books for my three kids, but it is not offered in my area. 🙁

  10. ho

  11. I would love to have the opportunity to have this books because I have 3 kids that are in kindergarten,2grade and 4th grade so I really need books for them to read and do there book reports about them. Thank you.

  12. i think the grandkids would love to read it

  13. this is a great offer glad someone is doin something like this

  14. this is a great offer glad someone is doin something like this!

  15. thanks Dolly.
    You are so loved!

  16. Ms.Dolly is a Wonderful person,I’ve been one of your fans since my childhood.

  17. thank you i love free stuff.

  18. thank you

  19. I am looking forward to this – if it ever comes to our area. We need it. We need a sponsor! How can I help in this area? Please get the freebies to us soon! I need some help for my niece. Help.

  20. Can never have too many books!

  21. This is a great program and I wish I was in position to do the same. Children are always adventurous and books will expand their imagination

  22. I would like the book and cd of the train story I think I can. Please

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