Free Cottonelle Toilet Paper Roll Cover – EXPIRED

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Get a free toilet paper roll cover from Cottonelle.

Please note: The site is getting slammed right now, so it make take you a bit to get the form to show up.

Once you do get the page to load, fill out the form and choose your color. Then, enter the following code in the Product UPC field:


That’s it! Your cover should arrive in 8-10 weeks.

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  1. we love this company

  2. I love free stuff!!!!

  3. wasn’t able to get the free sample

  4. this is very nice.

  5. Nice offer…

  6. Nice offer and company

  7. everybody needs one

  8. Looks good

  9. Cool idea but the commercial is STUPID.

  10. I like the design!!

  11. cute design

  12. Feel’s very soft!!!!!

  13. Stupid idea and the commercial is STUPID. Who wants to touch a germ filled toilet paper roll cover?

  14. cute

  15. Finally a way to disguise the tp

  16. It’s unfortunate that this offer doesn’t apply to Canadians, although we get to see the commercials offering it, we get to use the product, and we get to see what we can’t have.

  17. Asked for this freebie along time ago. Never received item or response. However I’ll still keep my fingers crossed. I think its a fabulous idea

  18. i couldnt get my free offer, i done know where to enter the code they are asking for e credt card #.. 🙁

  19. i really love this product i have friends who have them and there so cute

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