Free Gain Detergent Samples – EXPIRED

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Become a fan of Gain on Facebook [external link –] and get a free sample of Gain detergent.

This promotion starts TODAY, August 10 2010.

I’m not sure when this is over, but probably once they obtain a certain number of fans from this promotion. Act fast, these type of samples tend to go quick.

There Are 75 Responses So Far. »

  1. it smelllssss greattttt

  2. no idea where to sign up for the free sample

  3. I’ll try it.

  4. I will like to try it the free sample before i buy it.

  5. I felt refreshed and happy

  6. I love the way gain makes my laundry smell…FRESH!

  7. It smells Greatttt

  8. thank you love it

  9. yay

  10. Nothin like gain sheets right out the dryer

  11. heard alot about it would love to try it offen

  12. I would be more than happy to receive a free sample of your new product. I have used your laundry detergent many times and have been vey pleased.

  13. I would like a free sample of your new product. Cant wait to try it

  14. I would like a free sample of your new product. Cant wait to try it.

  15. Where do you request the sample??????

  16. I would like a free sample ofnew product.

  17. Its the best laundry detergent cleans great! smells great!

  18. I love gain because my sons have sensitive skin thank u.

  19. I would love to try it B4 I buy it

  20. I love the smell of gain?

  21. gain smells good and cleans good

  22. gain smells good and cleans good. Hooray for gain.

  23. I would like to try this product.

  24. cldnt figure how sign up for sample

  25. Sniff, Sniff, Hurray! I love the smell of Gain!

  26. I would like to try this product

  27. i would love to try this im a big fan of gain

  28. I would definitely love to try this product!!

  29. thanks….

  30. i would like a free sample

  31. i would like a sample

  32. would like to try but cant find link

  33. I use Gain for my clothes both wash and dryer sheet. I love it!!

  34. kool

  35. I have not used gain products yet and would like to try it.

  36. I love Gain and have been using it for years

  37. I love this stuff nothing smells better

  38. i would love to try free sample

  39. love the smell

  40. I have became a Gain lover. After using the same detergent for years, I have realize how much cleaner my clothes could of been with Gain.

  41. i love gain

  42. i would love to try free sample

  43. i would love one

  44. it smell great

  45. I love the smell of Gain!

  46. the smell of gain always makes me say awwwwwwww! i love the smell and the way my clothes feel against my skin.

  47. gain is all i use ….. thank you

  48. its smells so good i dont get tired of doing the laundry.Best detergent out there #1.

  49. love this gain so fresh

  50. aint never used that one before.

  51. I love Gain because it smells soooooo good and it makes you clothes come out really clean :)

  52. looks really good i love the smell of gain!

  53. keep them coming

  54. love the smell

  55. thank you i love free stuff.

  56. like to try gain

  57. All I use

  58. Gain is my favorite laundry soap.

  59. Would love to try!!

  60. Would love a sample…

  61. i would like to try it…

  62. cant wait to try some…sniff sniff hooray

  63. cant wait to try it…

  64. always wanted to try this

  65. Gain is the best

  66. I love gain

  67. I only use Gain. I love the original scent. Willing to try other scents.

  68. i want a free sample to try before i buy!

  69. It’s my gotta have detergent!

  70. love it always

  71. Love Gain. LOVE all the scents 😉

  72. Gain everything about GAIN I tell everyone about it :)

  73. send me free no strings attached gain detergent by mail love that smell

  74. gain is the best of all it gets my clothes smelling fresh and wonderful feeling to put them on i dont even need any perfume before i go out its please give me a big jug of that gain its simpley fabuloso

  75. I love gain

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