Free MP3: Trans-Siberian Orchestra Dream Child 2010 – EXPIRED

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Head over to and pick up Dream Child 2010 from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra for free.

Here’s a review right from the page:

“Trans-Siberian Orchestra does it best! Dream Child 2010 is an essential addition to anyone’s music collection-not only holiday. Listen to the story. It reminds one of the peacefulness that can found. It is a very tranquil piece of music, well sung and melodic.”

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  1. their music is so beautiful and soothing. perfect to listen to all year round!!

  2. It’s one of my favourites, it’s beautiful.

  3. I love their music. We were on our way to their concert in Cincinnati the day before Thanksgiving, but we never made it. We were involved in an auto accident and missed the show. My husband paid good money for the tickets even though we are so broke. He wanted to do this for me this year as a birthday/Christmas gift. Well, at least no one was hurt:) Expensive day we didn’t even get to enjoy. Stuck with the tickets because we didn’t have the money to pay for the insurance on them on top of all the other fees. Maybe another year?

  4. it is beautiful music. what most peiople dont know is that TSO used to be and was formed from the heavy metal band Savatage. John and Chris Oliva along with the other members of Savatage wrote several rock operas, including Christmas in Sarajevo, which was the beginning of TSO. Sadly Chris has passed on and John has limited his work with TSO

  5. Looking forward to finding music easily

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